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How to Split and Merge Paragraphs
How to Split and Merge Paragraphs

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to Split and Merge a paragraph.

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This is a useful tool that can be used when you want to split a long paragraph or merge two paragraphs into one.

1. Split a Paragraph

For this example we are going to split the paragraph on the word 'vel'.

Split Method 1

Place the cursor at the beginning of the word "Nec" - Then press the 'Enter' key twice. That will create two paragraphs.

2. Merge Two Paragraphs

To merge two consecutive paragraphs you have to place the cursor at the end of the first paragraph. Then use the right mouse button ( Control-click on a Mac) to open the contextual menu.

In the contextual menu select 'Merge with next'. That will merge the two paragraphs into one.

TIP: use the split function when you want to move a paragraph to fill in the white space of the pervious page, but is too long to fit.

Split and move


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