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How to Resize and Optimize the Cover Page Image
How to Resize and Optimize the Cover Page Image

In this article you are going to learn how to resize and optimize the cover page image for your projects

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1. Cover Image

Many users have a ready made cover with titles and author text ready for their project. Let's start with the size. The ideal cover image size is

The cover size for a Letter paper size project is 816 w x 1056 h pixels - 72 dpi
The cover size for an A4 paper size project is 795 w x 1125 h pixels - 72 dpi

How to Resize the Cover image

We are going to use the built-in image editor to resize the cover image you imported to make it fit in the cover. 

Designrr creates ebooks in PDF format for Internet distribution. The standard resolution for Internet distribution is 72 dpi, so there is no need to upload images in higher resolutions as those will be re-sampled to 72 dpi.

In the cover page, start by opening the menu and clicking on the 'Set Cover Image' icon

Launch the Internal Image Editor

For our example we are going to use this image. The dimensions are 1333 x 2000 and 300dpi.

The image is already saved in the 'Images' section in the editor. Let's open it in the image editor by hovering the mouse over the picture and clicking on the 3 dots to open the menu. The click on 'Edit Photo'. That will launch the image editor.

1 - Select the 'Resize' option - far left icon.

2 - Tick the 'Lock Aspect Ratio'.

3 - Move the slider to the nearest value, depending on the paper size you are using.

For a Letter paper size project is 816 w x 1056 h pixels
For an A4 paper size project is 795 w x 1125 h pixels

4 - Then click on 'Apply'...

5 - ...and 'Save'. 

The new resized image is automatically placed on the cover page

Customizing the Cover Page

This section is specially useful when you upload a  finished cover image, already in the correct cover size and resolution and you need to hide the template containers.  

 Let's assume this is our cover

 Since we still have some elements form the original cover template we need to hide them. Notice the emphasis in hide and not delete.

In the title we are going to find two elements we need to hide: the title background container and the heading container. 

To hide the title text in the heading container, double click on it to activate and select all the content and use the delete key to delete the title text.

The title background is the container with some opacity color used to accent the title. To hide it, select the container by clicking on it once (1) and open the background section (2). Open the color palette (3). Then move the slider to the left almost to the extreme (4) . To save, click on choose (5).

Author Box

Do the same as in the title for both the heading container and background container.

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