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How To Export your Project In HTML
How To Export your Project In HTML

Premium, Business and Agency Premium plans have now the option to export the ebooks to any website built in HTML, like a WordPress site.

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1. Saving you Project as HTML

This option is specially useful when creating ebooks out of audio and video files as the transcript can be used as high quality content for the blog.ย 

This new feature allows the user to export:

a) the full ebook including cover/headers and footers
b) the ebook without cover
c) the transcript only

In this case we are going to export the ebook created from an audio transcript and use it as a blog post. To do that choose the same settings as shown in the screenshot below and click on 'Export'.ย 

A new popup window will show up with several export options. To export just the content to create a new blog post, set all to off.

A new popup window will show up with the HTML code. Click on 'Copy to clipboard'.

2. Import the HTML Code to WordPress

In your WordPress site admin area add a new page or post. In the content editor select the 'Text' tab and paste (Ctrl+V) the HTML code from Dersignrr.

Click back on the 'Visual' tab to view the resulting post, edit if needed...

... and publish!


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