1. Facts To Consider Before Importing a Word Docx - MUST READ

Before you import any content into Designrr you need to understand how Designrr reads your content.

Designrr understands paragraphs, headings, lists and images. It does not read cover pages, styled pages, numbers on pages, table of contents, etc. etc. These are all elements that you will add to your project in Designrr after the content has been imported.

Therefore, your Word Docx should be ONLY text and images.

You should format your Word Docx so that the headings and body text are defined as:

Heading H2 - this should be used for chapter headings

Heading H3 - used for Section headings.

Normal - for the body text (in Designrr: Paragraph)

Images - Insert the images, copied and pasted photos won't be imported

Lists and Tables - Short lists and tables, one item per line

If you format your document like this - Designrr will recognize the layout and adjust the templates accordingly. It will also use these definitions to structure your table of contents.

Follow the tutorial below to make sure that your Word Docx is correctly formatted. If you do not correctly format it then Designrr will not be able to read it. 

You should import your finished content into Designrr. If you have added any styling to your Word Docx please know that Designrr will remove all of it.

NOTE: Designrr is a tool for quickly styling your finished content. It is neither a Word file editor, PDF editor, or a desktop publishing application. It is a tool to import finished content.

>> Import the Word file in Letter or A4 paper size and in portrait orientation<<

Once the content is imported to the editor you will be able to change the paper size and orientation if needed.

2. Formatting a Word File 

The only elements needed in your Word file are headings, paragraphs, short bullet or numbered lists, tables (should not exceed the size of a page) and images.

Heading 1 - ebook title

NOTE: Increasing the size of your text and placing it as a heading is NOT a heading. You need to use the correct heading tools in Word.

Heading 2 - Chapter Headings

Paragraphs, Images, Bullet list/Tables

3. What Not To Do

Avoid using long paragraphs. Designrr has an algorithm in the background that automatically adjusts all containers evenly across the pages of the project. This ensures a correctly formatted PDF ebook. You do not need to adjust spacing between headings, paragraphs, images, etc. With long paragraphs Designrr will place the paragraph on a new page. You will then need to break it up into smaller chunks, however, it is faster if you do this edit in Word itself.

Images: It is better to leave the images centered between paragraphs or headings. If you need to wrap text around an image, it can be done at a later stage in the Designrr editor  - see tutorial

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