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Transaction and Billing
Transaction and Billing

I've received a charge or my card or Paypal that I don't recognize.

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Designrr is an online software application for creating ebooks and blog posts from your websites, word or an audio/video file.
We have over 73,000 customers and an active Facebook community.

The product is owned by PageOneTraffic which also owns Kudani.

You may see changes on your card or email communications from PageOneTraffic or Kudani in addition to Designrr.


There are different plans depending on which features you want to use.

Plan: Designrr Standard (STD) which is normally priced at $27 annual charge.

Plan Designrr Professional (PRO) which is normally priced at $39 per month.  In the past we've also promoted special offers for PRO for $97 per year.

Plan: Designrr Agency which is a special offer at $197 

Plan: Designrr Premium priced at $297 per year.

If you took the Standard and PRO special offer you may see on your account 2 charges:
1 for Designrr STD $27 and
1 for Designrr PRO $97

Totalling $124 per year.

Support and Billing
We provide multiple ways to get support.
The fastest is using the chat feature available at the bottom right of this screen.

Login Email
To find your login email, you can reset password using your email address or search your email for "Designrr" to find the login email.

Free Training
Our team can also do 'one on one' personal training for you at no cost.  Just arrange a convenient time through the support chat below.

Unable to login
If you are unable to get your email /Password, then connect with our support chat.

If you would like to join our Facebook community, the link is here

If you need your account cancelled please go here.

Please do not contact your credit card company or Paypal to get a refund as it damages our relationship with them and we are required to show evidence of your purchase and usage which may result in your refund being denied.
The fastest way to any resolution is via our support chat.

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