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Copyright and Fair Use
Copyright and Fair Use
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Designrr was built to create ebooks and lead magnets from your blog or website. But you can expand your ebooks content by adding your voice to a handpicked, relevant collection of content snippets, gathered from a variety of sources, around a specific topic, that you publish and share with your readers.

For example you could create an ebook of a summary of the best posts on a topic from many sites and include examples from these site. However, keep in mind its best to always credit the original author with a link to the source. This is called curation.

Content curation is a technique where you can quote someone else's content or another company’s blog as long as you attribute the source. There are no strict rules, but ethically you should never take a whole post and normally you just just quote enough to make your argument.

Key Points for Effective Content Curation:

  • Selective Compilation: Choose high-quality, relevant content that aligns with your ebook's theme.

  • Add Value: Provide your insights, commentary, or analysis to offer additional value to your readers.

  • Credit the Source: Always attribute the original author. This not only gives credit where it's due but also enhances your credibility and integrity.

  • Use Moderately: Quote only the necessary parts to support your arguments or to provide context. Avoid taking entire posts or large sections verbatim.

Copyright and Fair Use

Understanding copyright and fair use is essential when curating content. Fair use allows limited use of copyrighted material without permission under certain conditions:

  • Purpose: Use the content for commentary, criticism, or educational purposes.

  • Nature of the Work: Non-commercial and factual works are more likely to be considered fair use.

  • Amount Used: Use only the necessary portions, not the entirety of the work.

  • Effect on Market Value: Ensure that your use does not negatively impact the market value of the original work.

By adhering to these principles, you can safely and ethically use content from various sources.

Leveraging AI-Generated Content

In addition to curating existing content, you can enhance your ebooks with AI-generated content. Here are some tips to effectively use AI-generated material:

  • Review and Edit: AI-generated content should be reviewed for accuracy, relevance, and coherence. It often requires editing to align with your ebook's tone and style.

  • Disclosure: Transparently disclose the use of AI-generated content to maintain trust with your readers.

  • Ensure Originality: Use plagiarism detection tools to ensure that AI-generated content is original and does not infringe on copyrights.

  • Add Human Touch: Complement AI-generated content with your insights and perspectives to make it more engaging and personalized.

  • Ethical Use: Ensure that the content adheres to ethical guidelines and is free from biases and misinformation.

Using Creative Commons and Public Domain Sources

For a completely safe approach, consider creating ebooks from Creative Commons or public domain sources such as Wikipedia. Content under these licenses is freely available for use, provided you follow the terms specified, such as attribution requirements.

Benefits of Using Creative Commons and Public Domain Content:

  • Legal Safety: These sources are legally free to use, reducing the risk of copyright infringement.

  • Rich Resources: Access a vast array of content that can enrich your ebooks without legal complications.

  • Attribution: Ensure proper attribution as required by the specific Creative Commons license.


By combining curated content, AI-generated material, and resources from Creative Commons and public domains, you can create comprehensive, engaging, and valuable ebooks. Always remember to credit original authors, adhere to fair use principles, and review AI-generated content for quality and accuracy. This approach will help you build trustworthy and legally compliant ebooks that resonate with your readers.

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