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How To Change The Color Of The Table Of Contents Hyperlinks
How To Change The Color Of The Table Of Contents Hyperlinks

In this article you are going to learn how to easily change the color of the font used in the table of contents.

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Once you have finished editing the content of your ebook is time to add a table of contents (TOC). If you are using the original template color configuration, there is no need to change the color of the hyperlinks in the TOC.

However, if you have made changes to the template, the colors of the fonts in the TOC may not match the rest of your content, or simply, you want to use another color for the font in that section. These colors can easily be changed by doing the following:

2. Select the First Heading

Once you have added the TOC element, select the first title/heading. Make sure you select the 'Link' container.

You will see the type of font used for the TOC and the color of the hyperlink used. Before you make any change, make sure the 'Make Changes To All Elements' is set to ON.

 3. Change the Color

Click on the color picker  and the color palette will show up. Select the desired color and click on choose. See how all the headings have changed to the new color.

4. Change The Page Number Color

Now we are going to change the page number color as well. To do that we are going to repeat the same process as with the titles, only that this time you are going to select the first page number on the list and will repeat the same process in the left sidebar section.

Tip: Do not forget to make sure the Make Changes to all Elements is turned 'ON' before making any change!

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