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Why Did My Order Not Go Through?
Why Did My Order Not Go Through?

This article explains how to complete your order if you do not want to buy the upgrades.

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Once you make your initial purchase you are given the option to buy the PRO add-on as well. While you are on that page, if you are not interested in the upgrade you need to scroll down the page and click in the 'No Thanks' link. That will close the purchase.

If you have not clicked on the 'No Thanks' link and try to leave the page this popup will appear instructing you to go back and click on the the link. Please click on the 'x' and go back to the page and click on the 'No Thanks' link. This will close the shopping cart.

If after an hour you have not received your welcome email and the instructions on how to activate the account, most probably your order did not go through because the shopping cart did not close properly.

In this case you will need to re-initiate your purchase.

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