Once you have purchased the Standard license...this is the platform itself. That means that all new upgrades, or rather add-on's, are directly added to your existing plan.

Therefore, if you purchase a higher level plan you will not receive any email with login instructions as your logins are the same.

For example, you have the Standard license and you buy the PRO upgrade. After purchasing your account is automatically upgraded to PRO. You can verify this by clicking the upgrade link in the header of your dashboOard.

Once you click on the link a popup will appear. Here you can see the exact license that you have.

If you do not see the new plan that you have purchased then the old version is most likely cached in your browser. Please log out of Designrr. Clear your browser cache. Then log back in and check the version again.

Only once you see the upgraded license version will your added features be available in your account.

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