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How To Create 'Saved Elements'
How To Create 'Saved Elements'

In this tutorial you will learn how to save the paragraph element for re-use in any project.

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1. Saving an Element

Saving the paragraph element for re-use in any project.  This is perfect for when you have common signoffs, 'calls to actions', About Us/Me or Terms & Conditions.  You can add text to a paragraph element, style it and save it. Now you can easily add those saved elements to your ebooks as often as you need them and with just a couple of clicks.

In this example we are going to save a 'Disclaimer' paragraph element. Click on the blue tab found on the left side of the paragraph element to activate the toolbar, then click on the diskette icon.

 A popup window will come up. Name your element and save.

The new saved element is now available in the 'Favorites' section ready to be re-used whenever is needed.

2. Re-using the Saved Element 

If you need to add a disclaimer to your next project, simply drag and drop the saved element to the page.

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