1. Launch the Recorder

To launch the screen recorder, click on the red button found in the dashboard of your Designrr account.

A popup window will come up. If this is the first time using this feature, watch the video first, then click on the 'Record' button below the video.

If this the first time you launch the recorder, you will be prompted to download the launcher. If you have previously used the screen recording feature, click on the 'Open Screen Recorder Launcher...'

The launcher will overlay a frame on your screen. You can resize it to fit the area of the app you want to record or resize it to make it fit the whole screen. If you are using a microphone, select the correct input to test your voice's level. Then go to the section  of the app you want to record (dashboard, drafts, project editor, etc...).

2. Recording the Screen

In this case we are going to report an issue happening in the the project editor. Before pressing the recording button, click on the 'Edit' button. This will open the project editor section. Once you are ready press the red record button.

Explain the issue and show how to reproduce it. Once you are finished recording, click on the pause button to stop the recording.

At this stage, you have several options: you can review your recording, resume the recording, delete it and start again or finish it. If you click on 'Done' a new popup will show up.

Enter a title for the recording and a description of the issue. Then click on 'Upload'.

Once the video is uploaded it will automatically open a new support ticket and our support team will answer it.

3. Manage Recordings

Once you finish your recording, you will find that you have a screen recorder manager. From here you view access all your recordings and in case you want to report another issue launch the screen recorder from here.

4. Notes

If you try to launch the screen recorder form the Designrr dashboard when this window is still open, you will get an error like this one:

In this case launch the screen recorder as explained in step 3.

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