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How to Change the Template
How to Change the Template

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to change the template in the project editor.

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1. Changing the Template

If for any reason you decide that the chosen template may not be the right one for your project, it is very easy to change the template on the fly. We recommend to do this change in the first stages of editing a project.

The process is as simple as clicking on the 'Templates' tab (1) and then scroll down (2) the templates collection till you find one you like. 

Click on it and see if you like it. If you don't, repeat the process. If you prefer to go back to the original chosen template, find it in the templates list, click on it and then  click on 'Cancel'. (In this example our original template was Sydney. After trying several templates we decided to go back to the Sydney template. We found it in the the template list, clicked on it to activate it back and clicked on cancel.).

Once you find a template that you like click on 'Use the Template' to make the template change permanent.

As mentioned in the beginning of this tutorial, it is best to use this feature at the beginning of the project as is easier to change from one to two column templates without having a significant impact in the content structure. However making this change at the end of a project, while it can be done, it may significantly affect elements like the table of contents or a call to action. In these cases the affected elements need to be deleted and added again.

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