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Top 10 Tips and Best Practices
Top 10 Tips and Best Practices

The team's top tips and frequently asked questions

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Here are some of our best tips and practices to get you creating ebooks like a pro:

  1. We find Chrome or Firefox browsers work best.

  2. Save. Get into the habit of regularly saving your work manually. A good practice is to save after every 3 - 5 changes.  Learn more about how to restore a project from a previous version.

  3. Generate your PDF often to see the end result. If there are any alignment issues, edit, tweak, and publish again.

  4. Save time by making sure that your content is complete before importing it into Designrr. And most importantly, follow the Word Formatting tutorial to make sure that everything has been done correctly before the import.

  5. Generate your Table of Contents (TOC) at the end of the project, after all your chapter & section headings have been defined as H2s and H3s (H1 is reserved for the ebook title).  Learn more on on adding a TOC here

  6. The best size for the cover page Size: Letter 816 x 1056 (px), A4 794w x 1123h (px)

  7. Do not share the published link. Make sure that you download the PDF and upload it to a cloud server of your choice. 

  8. To move containers up and down use the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard or the ones in the toolbar. Do not drag the containers.

  9. Do not delete the containers in the headers, footers, and cover page as these are required placeholders. You can delete the content inside of them but not the actual container.

  10. Want to apply a header or footer text globally - use this icon  

Other helpful tips:

  1. For micro adjustments switch on 'free element dragging', but only when your project is near perfect.

  2. Any template can be customized - don't get hung up on the cover not being suitable for your niche.  You can change it in the editor.

  3. Make global changes to your project using the 'Make Changes To All Elements' button.

4. Want to change your template in the editor?  Click the templates icon on the far left of the editor.
5. To Copy and Paste: Control + C, Control + V on PC, OR Command + C and Command + V on Mac
6. Just upgraded but don't see the changes, simply logout and back in and it will refresh your order.

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