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How to Import From Google Docs
How to Import From Google Docs

In this videos tutorial you are going to learn how to import your Google doc file.

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1. How to Format a Google doc

Before importing your Google doc, make sure you are using the same formatting structure as a Word docx file

2. How to Import a Google doc to Designrr

Click on the 'File' menu, then open 'Share' and click on 'Share with others'.

Alternatively you can also click on the 'Share' button found on the top right area.

A pop up window will show up. Click on 'Copy link', that will copy the link to the clipboard.

In Designrr click on 'Create eBook' and then click on 'Import from Google DOC'.

Paste the URL in the available field and click on 'Fetch".

Click on the 'File' menu, then open 'Share' and click on 'Publish to web'.

When the pop up window opens copy the link. That is the URL you need to import/paste into Designrr.

In Designrr click on 'Create eBook'. In this case you have two import options:

'Import from Blog' or 'Import from Google DOC'.

Choose the 'Import from Blog' option is you have to import multiple Google doc files for your project.

If you only have to import one Google doc file choose 'Import from Google DOC'.

Once the file is imported, if you do not want to have the Goggle doc visible to anyone, revoke the permission by clicking on 'Stop publishing'.

3 - Using The 'Import Content' Element

If you want to import additional content in the form of a Google DOC to an already created project using the 'Import Content' element...

use the 'Publish to web' link...

and choose the 'Import from Blog' option.

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