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How To Split and Merge Lists and Tables
How To Split and Merge Lists and Tables

In this article you will learn how to split and merge lists and tables.

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1. How to Split a List

In this example, we are going to split the list as is too long to repaginate and fill in the white space in the previous page

We are going to split the list on the 6th item. To split it we place the cursor inside that line and press the 'Enter' key twice. That will split the list.

Now we have to correct the items numbering in the split list as it has started from 1.

To do that select the main container of the second list and...

  • Click on any list item.

  • In the 'Inspector' section found at the top of the left sidebar, click on 'Ordered List'.

  • And in the list tool bar click on the 'Update Start From' icon.

Enter the next number in the list sequence and click on OK

Now we have the two lists with consecutive numbering.

We can now repaginate and move a portion of the list to fill in the white space.

The same logic is to be applied when splitting tables.

2. How to Merge Two (or More Lists or Tables)

If for any reason, we find that we have two or more lists that we want to join together we can do the following...

Insert the cursor inside the lower row of the first list...

... and right click on it to open the contextual menu. Select 'Merge with next'.

Both lists are merged into one

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