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How To Refresh The Table of Contents
How To Refresh The Table of Contents

In this article we are going to show you how to refresh the table of contents.

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1. About the Table of Contents

We recommend to have the 'Table of Contents' element added once your project is finished.

2. Refreshing the Table of Contents

Have you added new pages to your project and the table of contents is not matching? To reflect the changes, activate the 'Table of Contents' icon and then click on the 'Refresh TOC' element.

Note: The 'Refresh TOC' icon will refresh both new headings and page numbers.


3. Updating the Page Numbers

If you only want to update the page numbers, then you can use the 'Update Page Numbering' icon.

Note: In this case it will only update the page numbers. If you have added or deleted pages, use the 'Refresh TOC' icon.

Page numbers updated!

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