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How to Adjust Paragraph Spacing - Video
How to Adjust Paragraph Spacing - Video
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How to Adjust Spacing for Paragraphs and Headings

With any paragraph, you can automatically adjust the space in between every paragraph for the whole document, simply by selecting a paragraph and then going across to the left here and select 'Spacing.'

First of all, if you want to adjust anything for the whole document, then make sure this toggle is switched On. Where it says, 'Make Changes To All Elements' toggle it to the On position.

In this case, I want to adjust the gap in between paragraphs for the whole document. So to do that, I go to the bottom margin and I can simply click the up or down icons to increase or decrease the spacing in between the paragraphs.

That will adjust it for the whole project. So if I'm having trouble squeezing a whole document onto a limited number of pages, I can just decrease or increase the paragraph spacing so that I can just get it on to the pages that I want to.

What I can also do is when I'm adjusting this toggle, this margin item, I can use the up and down arrow keys, which will automatically increase or decrease rather than just using the cursor.

Now, if I wanted to adjust this paragraph individually, then I click Off the 'Make Changes to All Elements,' and let's say, I want to indent this paragraph.

Then I would use, for example, the left margin and increase that proportionately. If I want to also adjust the right-hand side, then I can increase or decrease that too.

By adjusting this, I've decreased the right margin. So that actually is outside the main margin for the page, but I've increased the left margin so that there is a space that is indented from the main margin of the page.

So that's how you can adjust spacing for paragraphs and headings throughout the Designrr project.

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