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How to Manage the Table of Contents - Video
How to Manage the Table of Contents - Video
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How to Insert and Style a Table of Contents

In this video, we show you how to insert and style a Table of Contents.

Before you start, it's important to scan through your project and make sure that all your chapter headings are labeled as H2 and the section headings, if you have any, are labeled as H3, just like this.

This is so the Table of Contents generator will use the H2s and H3s to build each line in its table.

You should note that every line is actually a link so that in your final ebook your reader can navigate to the right section simply by clicking the link.

So let's insert the Table of Contents.

Take into account that normally the Table of Contents should be located right after the cover page and before the body of your ebook. This is because Designrr reads everything below the Table of Contents section and puts the information in your table.

Here is your cover page and that’s the body, so we would need to place the Table of Contents right before the body starts.

To do so first go to the "Elements" section. Now go to “Components”. Here find the “Table of Contents” icon.

Click, drag, and drop on the correct place in the project where you want the Table of Contents to be.

Now the Table of Contents is generated automatically so let's now get it changed and styled.

Here you choose the style.

You can edit your table of contents if you need to.

In order to make any change in the text, you would need to change it in the body of your ebook and not in the actual table itself.

For example, if you want to change the first line, you would need to scroll down, find this section in the body of the content and change it in the way you want.

Now you go to your Table of Contents section and refresh it simply by selecting the Table of Contents and clicking the “Refresh” icon you see above. That will refresh the Table of Contents and there you will see the change made.

If you want to make any visual changes like color correction, fonts or spacing, then you would need to choose the line you want to apply the changes for and on the left side you will see the dedicated window for those changes.

So if you want to change the font color, for example, for a line or number you simply select the link and change it in the way you prefer.

Remember that each line is actually a link, so make sure you select the link element before making the change.

And by ensuring that the “Make Changes to All Elements” toggle is on, the whole table will be changed. Do the same for each line, and also do the same for the page numbers, as well.

And finally, you can style the title of the Table of Contents as well.

That is how to insert and style the Table of Contents.

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