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How to Start From a Template - Video
How to Start From a Template - Video
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How to Start from a Template

In this video, you will learn how to start your project from a template and import your content afterward.

This method might be useful if materials for your ebook are located in different places and you want to combine them in the process of creating your ebook.

To start from a template what you need to do is click start new project by clicking the 'New Project' button.

Now choose the 'Start from Template' option by clicking on this icon.

Now you need to choose a template.

You may check whether the template is suitable by clicking the 'Preview' button. But, don't get hung up on templates, your choice of template here is NOT critical, and you will be able change it afterwards quickly and easily once you are in the design editor.

When you have chosen your desired template press 'Use.'

Now it is time to import the content for your ebook.

To do so go to the Elements section, click 'Components' and then click, drag and drop to drop the “Import Content” button onto the place where you want your material to be imported.

Now choose the place where you want the content to be imported from. Let's choose 'Blog Post.'

Copy the URL from the blog post. Paste it here and then click "Fetch' and then 'Next.'

So, here it is.

Now, for example, if you want to add more content but from another source, for example a Google Doc or Copy & Paste you just repeat exactly the same process here again.

That is how to start your project from a template.

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