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How to Import From a PDF - Video
How to Import From a PDF - Video
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How to Import from a PDF

In this video, you will learn what types of PDF can be imported and why.

Firstly, it's important to understand that the PDF importer will try and extract the text from a PDF and then the images and then put them both back together again in the design editor. The reason for this is it allows you to style the text separately and you can do that without being constrained by the initial layout and font choices in the original PDF. This also allows the text to flow from page to page and repaginate as you adjust images and other pages throughout the document, including font sizes.

There are two types of PDF files. The first one can NOT be imported into Designrr because it has been created by a tool that is highly graphical and has a complex layout with very little font and textual content. So, Designrr won't be able to read all the information in order to extract and import it.

The second type of PDF is a textual one, and it can be imported. As in this example, there are simply text and images. This makes it easy for Designrr to extract the text and images and then import them into the system.

Now that you know what type of PDF file can be imported, let's get started.

First, start a new project by clicking the 'New Project' button.

Now choose the PDF import option by clicking on this button.

Next, choose a template. You may check whether the template is suitable for you by clicking the 'Preview' button. But, don't get hung up on templates, because your choice of template here is NOT critical. You will be able to change it afterward quickly and easily. When you have chosen your desired template press 'Use.'

Now in the design editor, you are able to format your ebook in any way you want, which means manipulating the text and images as you see fit. For example, putting the image on the left side and letting the text wrap.

Note all the images that were extracted from the pdf are all available in the Media Manager. So if you need to add the image again, or drag in another image then simply drag the image component into the project and the media manager will open displaying the images that were sourced from your PDF.

That is how to work with PDF files within Designrr.

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