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How to Import Video - Video
How to Import Video - Video
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How to Import Video and Use the Transcription Editor

In this video, you will learn how to import video in order to create an ebook. You will also learn how to utilize the transcription editor.

Let's start by importing the video.

First, start a new project by clicking the “New Project” button.

Now choose the “Video Import" option by clicking on this button.

Now you need to choose where you want your video to be imported from. You can either use a link to your video (we also support Wistia and Vimeo links) or upload it from your computer. For this video, we will use the second option.

Keep in mind that if the video has lots of background music, sounds effects, or unclear pronunciation it might be hard for Designrr to extract it perfectly, so it might be required to apply changes manually after uploading the video.

Now you will see the window telling you how long the transcription will take. Also, you will be emailed when it's ready. Click the “Start” button and wait until it's ready.

To find your transcription, you need to come to the “Drafts” tab. Here you will also see the status showing whether it is ready for use or not.

Now that you know how to import the video, let's find out how to use the transcription editor.

How To Use The Transcription Editor

In order to use the transcription editor, simply click on the video title in the Drafts.

The transcription editor then opens up and it is the place where your video is transformed into the text, and images are linked into the transcript itself.

You’ll notice that Designrr has extracted screenshots from the video at each scene transition.

If there is a screenshot missing that should be there, you can navigate to it by playing the video and inserting the screenshot wherever you see the cursor.

There are two main sections you need to know about in order to utilize all the features Designrr offers you in video transcribing.

The first section is “Tools” under the video on the right-hand side.

And the second is the popup menu that appears when you click on the text.

The “Tools” sections allow you to: clear all text selections, grab the images from current fragments of the video, save the audio draft, export subtitle files in SRT format, remove the images, revert the images, and search and replace and remove filler words.

The section above the text allows you to: make quotes, save timestamps, clear selections, capitalize selected words, or capitalize all instances of those words, and paste the screen from the video before the selection and loop selected fragments of audio if you have trouble understanding the speech.

On the left, you can edit the speaker name and if you wish, make that change global for all instances of that speaker.

Once you have finished editing and inserting screenshots you are ready to move to the final step.

First, save your project.

After that, you can click continue to template and choose a template, and then it will go into the design editor.

Then the process will be exactly the same as editing a normal ebook. You will be able to make all the changes you would make with any ebook, like changing the text font, color, spacing, adding new images, or formatting existing images.

We won't be going through that process in this video because all of the other Designrr editing videos will show you how to do that.

That is how to import video and use the transcription editor.

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