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How To Select A Template For Asian / RTL (Arabic) / Cyrillic Characters
How To Select A Template For Asian / RTL (Arabic) / Cyrillic Characters

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to find the templates for projects using special characters like Asian, Arabic and Cyrillic.

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1) Why Special Templates

Let's quickly review how Designrr works:

1 - First you have to import your finished content to the editor.

2 - Then you have to pick a template.

3 - In the Designrr editor is where you style your project

4 - Once the project is ready you generate the PDF and download it

One of the many advantages of using Designrr for repurposing your content is that, since you have to import your content, you can create ebooks in almost any language.

However, projects using special characters require the preconfigured templates for a correct display of the cover page, ebook content and in the case of the RTL projects a flipbook also starting right to left.

2) Finding the Templates

After the content is imported using one of the multiple content import options, you have to search and select one the corresponding templates:

Asian Templates

Arabic / RTL Templates

Cyrillic Templates

3) Styling The Template

You can change the colors and cover image of the templates as you need, but do not change the font type as only the default font works with the content, cover title and 3D cover/Mockups.

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