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How to Add a Color or Image Background to a Flipbook (Pro & above plans)
How to Add a Color or Image Background to a Flipbook (Pro & above plans)

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to add a background color or image to your flipbook canvas

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1. Adding the Background Element

Once the project is finished, you have to generate the ebook in PDF format. If you are planning to create the flipbook version of the PDF, you can now spice up your background by adding a solid color or image to the flipbook canvas.

To do this, click on the 'Publish' button in the bottom of the sidebar. This will open a popup where you will see the 'Customize Flipbook' option. Click on that.

2. Choosing a Color or Image

In the new screen you can choose between adding a color or an image.

3. Choosing a Color

If you choose to add a color, click on the 'Color' icon. The color palette will open. Choose the color you like and click on 'Save Changes'.

4. Choosing an Image

If you choose to add an image, you have multiple options to import your file. You can upload the image from your computer, add one already saved in you media manager, find one in the image database or add the direct link to import the image.

For this tutorial we are going to pick an image from the image database.

Once you select your image you will have the option to preview it, delete it, stretch it, repeat it, etc.

Click through the different options. Once you are happy with your canvas click on 'Save Changes'. The system will then save the change and let you know when that is done. You will be prompted to click an 'OK' button. Next, you will be take back to the original publish screen. Then click on 'Export'.

Now that your ebook is ready you can either download it as a PDF or open the flipbook.

You can view the flipbook we just created here:

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