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How to Add and Style Shapes - Video
How to Add and Style Shapes - Video
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How to Add and Style Shapes

In this video, you will learn...

How to create, add and use shapes with Designrr.

Shapes can be placed anywhere on a page freely and without constraints from re-pagination and margins.

Their position is locked to the dimensions of the page and are not influenced by content flow.

In the design editor click on 'Elements' and find the 'Shapes' section.

To add a shape to your ebook simply click, drag and drop the desired shape wherever you want it to be located in your ebook.

Now you can change the size of your shape, the color and even the angle.

You can also put your shape over the text or behind the text using the top bar and changing the layer.

There are also more complex shapes like 'waves' and 'blobs'. You can transform them in the way you like. Make sure you know how to utilize those features as they could make your ebook look way more professional and unique.

Another cool feature is adding a background to your shape.

To do so click on the 'background' section and go to the media manager.

In the media manager, you can choose where you want the background to be imported from, you can upload your own or use the Designrr search engine.

Let's use the Designrr search engine and find the background you need. To do so simply type the keyword that is associated with what you want. For example, mountain - then select the image you like and click 'Use'.

Here you are.

That is how you can add and use shapes with Designrr.

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