How to Split and Merge Paragraphs

In this video, you will learn...

How to split 1 paragraph into 2 smaller paragraphs and how to merge 2 small paragraphs into 1 big paragraph with Designrr.

To split a paragraph first thing you need to do is to select the paragraph you want to split, now click on the 'pencil' icon on the top bar and choose the place where you want to split the paragraph. Once it is done, click on the 'split' icon.

You can also move paragraphs up and down simply by clicking on the 'arrow' icons on the top bar.

To merge two or more paragraphs into one you need to follow pretty much the same steps. Select the paragraph you want to merge, then click on the 'pencil' icon on the top bar and click on the 'merge with next' icon and your paragraph will be merged with another paragraph located below.

That's is how you split and merge paragraphs with Designrr.

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