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How to Add Page Numbers - Video
How to Add Page Numbers - Video
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How to Add Page Numbers

In this video, you will learn...

How to add and adjust page numbering.

To add page numbers go to the page footer.

Click the 'Page Numbers' Icon in the popup icon bar.

Now you can see all the pages have their numbers.

You can also change the word 'Page' by accessing the Page Number settings in the settings section from the left menu.

In this section, you can also change which page the numbering should start from.

You can adjust the text color, font style, and position using the left menu options.

For example, if you want your page numbering to be in white, simply select the word 'Page Number' container, make sure the ‘Make Changes to All Elements' toggle is switched on, so the changes will apply for the whole book and change the color to white.

And the same process with numbers.

To adjust the position of page numbers, select the page number container in the footer, and select left, center, or right justification to position it.

Here you are, your ebook now has page numbers.

That is how to add and adjust page numbering with Designrr.

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