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How To Remove Blank (White) Space - Video
How To Remove Blank (White) Space - Video
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How To Remove Blank Space

In this video, you will learn...

How to remove blank space in your ebook.

If you need to remove blank space on any page in your ebook, all you need to do is select the page and click on the 'repaginate' icon on the top bar.

Now you can see that content is reallocated and blank space is filled.

However, you might notice sometimes there are some places, where repaginating doesn't work.

This might happen because the page starts with the heading and the system thinks it is supposed to start with a new page or there is a large image that doesn't fit in the current space.

In this case you would need to adjust it manually by selecting the content you want to move by clicking on the 'upward arrow' icon on the top bar.

Or in the case with the image, the only thing you would need to do is decrease the size of the image.

Here you are, that is how to remove any blank space in your ebook with Designrr.

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