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How To Add Or Remove A Link
How To Add Or Remove A Link

In this tutorial you will learn how to add and remove a link

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To add a link, click on the element where you'd like to place the link and double click on the word where you would like to add the link. You can also drag the cursor to highlight several words.

In the menu bar that appears above the element, click on the link icon. This will open a dialog box where you can type in the URL.

To remove the link, simply click on the link and then the link icon again, and click on Remove link to the bottom left of the open dialog box.

The same steps apply to images. Click on the image and then click on the six white dots in the blue box above the image. In the menu that opens, click on the link icon and add the link's URL.

Please note that the link will not be active in the Project, but it will be active in the Ebook.

That is how you add a link within the Designrr editor.

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