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How To Add and Replace an Image
How To Add and Replace an Image

In this article you will learn how to add and replace an image

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In this article, I'm going to show you how to add and change an image.

How to Add An Image

First, click on the Images icon to the far left in the sidebar.

This will open a window where you can search for images by clicking on Suggested Images and typing in a keyword in the search bar.

You can search the images by orientation by clicking on the icon to the right on the search bar.

You can also upload your own image by clicking on My Images and then Upload An Image.

Click on the image and drag it to the page. Make the image smaller or larger by dragging from the corner.

How to Change the Opacity and Rotate the Image

You can change the opacity of the image by clicking on the image and then clicking on Attributes in the left sidebar. Also, under Attributes are the icons to justify the image left, right and center and to rotate the image.

How to Lock the Image

You can lock the image so that it doesn't move. To do this, click on the image and then click on Position in the left sidebar. Then toggle ON Lock Item.

How to Replace the Image

To replace the image, click on the image and then the six dots in the blue box above the image. Then click on the image icon. This will open the Images window in the left sidebar. Click on the new image you choose and it will replace the image on the page.

That is how you add and replace an image within the Designrr editor.

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