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How To Add a Logo or Shape to Every Page
How To Add a Logo or Shape to Every Page

In this article you will learn how to copy a logo, image or a shape to every page on your project.

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In this article, you will learn how to copy a logo, image or a shape to each page of your project.

But keep in mind the following:

i) Changes to the cover page do not copy to regular pages. Therefore, if you are trying to add your logo to all page footers, add it first to one of the regular pages and then copy to all pages.

ii) This feature is better used in projects created with the regular templates as all the pages in the project share the same layout - except the cover and back pages.

1. Add a Shape

Start by opening the Artwork & Shapes section found on the left sidebar. Depending on the shape of your logo use either a Rectangle or a Circle.

For this example we are going to use the rectangle/Square shape as our logo is a squared image.

2. Add the Image to the Shape

Make sure that the shape we have just added is select and go to the Background section on the left sidebar. Click on 'Background Image' >> 'Add Background' - this will open the Images section.

Find your logo in the images section and click on it. It will be automatically added to the shape.

Once is added use the lower right handle (2) to resize the logo and move it to the correct place in the footer.

3. Copy to Every Page

Once your logo image has been added and placed in the correct location on the page right click on the logo to open the menu and click on "Clone To Every Page'.

Make sure that the logo is in the correct position before you add it to every page!

4. Adding Artwork/Shapes or Icons

In the example above we have added a logo image to all page, but of course the same can be done with any item found in the Artwork & Shapes section.

Click on Artwork & Shapes to the far left in the left sidebar.

You can choose an image from Artwork, Shapes, or Icons and drag it to the page. Place it wherever you would like on the page.

Then, right-click on the image and choose Clone to Every Page.

Now the image is on every page.

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