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How To Use Shapes
How To Use Shapes

In this article you are going to learn how to use shapes.

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Using shapes is a great way to enhance the look of some of your pages, but before you start using this feature keep in mind the following:

  • Shapes are better used in projects created with the regular templates as all the pages in the project share the same layout - except the cover and back pages.

  • DO NOT use shapes if your are creating an ebook for Amazon Kindle. Are not supported in ePUB format.

1. Adding Shapes To Your Pages

Depending on the subject and layout of your ebook, adding shapes to the page can help you give a more exciting look to your ebook.

For example, you can go from this:

to this is a few seconds:

Start by opening the Artwork & Shapes section found on the left sidebar. For this example we are going to use the Circle shape.

2. Change Color and Transparency

The objective is to add some color to the page without obscuring the text. We will use some light colors that blend well in the background.

To do that, make sure that the shape we have just added is selected and go to the Background section on the left sidebar. Click on 'Background Color'. Select the color you like and use the transparency slider. Then click on Choose.

We are going to add a second shape, but this time we will change the size and color a bit:

Go back to the e Artwork & Shapes section found on the left sidebar and drag a new Circle shape to the page. Change the color a transparency accordingly.

3. Copy to Every Page

If you like the effect and want to have the shapes cloned to each page of your ebook do the following:

Select the light blue circle shape first shape and with your mouse, right click on it to open the menu. Then click on "Clone To Every Page'.

Repeat the same procedure with the light orange circle. Right click on it to open the menu. Then click on "Clone To Every Page'.

Now all your pages have the shapes added - see the navigation right sidebar:

4. How to Delete Shapes

If for any reason, you made an mistake or you don't want to have the shapes shown on every page, you can easily delete them from all pages or only from a specific page.

To do that, click on one of the shapes to activate it and open the toolbar by clicking on the blue tab found at the top left of the shape element. Then click on the Trash icon.

A pop up like this one will show up. Choose to delete the selected shape only or from all pages. If you have multiple shapes on a page repeat the same procedure.

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