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How to Publish and Share a Live eBook
How to Publish and Share a Live eBook

In this tutorial you will learn how to publish, protect, track and share a Live eBook - (PRO/Agency and Premium Plans Only).

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In this tutorial you are going to learn how to publish, protect, track and share a Live eBook.

Why Publish Your eBook as Live eBook

Without a doubt, formatting your eBook as a PDF has been the preferred choice for online sharing. PDFs offer a stable and universally compatible format that ensures your eBook's layout, fonts, and images remain intact across various devices and operating systems. This reliability, coupled with its ease of use, makes PDF the most widely used eBook format for seamless sharing and reading experiences.

However, if you want to share/sell an eBook that comes to life, allowing you to seamlessly embed audio and video, making your content more engaging than ever publish your ebook as a Live eBook - is the the future of digital reading!

With password security, you can confidently protect your valuable work, ensuring it reaches only the intended audience. Plus, with built-in Google Analytics integration, you gain powerful insights into reader engagement.

When you need more than a static PDF, choose the Live eBook for an interactive and secure reading experience that sets your content apart in the digital world.

1. Publishing Your Live eBook

Once you have finished creating your project click on the 'Publish' button in the bottom of the left sidebar.

A popup will open. Select the Live eBook option and click on 'Export'.

Note: Depending on your license level the options you see will vary. Publish to PDF is available with all plans.

Once the eBook is ready a new popup will open with the Live eBook link.

2. Protect and Track Your Live eBook

For those who want to track and protect their ebooks, you can now do that with the Live eBooks option.

Some new options have been added to the Publish settings.

All plans include the option to add a Title (1) and Author (2) to your ebook, while the other options are license specific.

Clicking on the '+ More Options' link opens the additional settings. Here you can add a brief description of what the ebook is about (3), a Tracker ID for Google Analytics (4) and a password to protect the ebook (5).

Fill in the fields and click on 'Export'. A popup will open with the Live eBook link. Copy the link and use it to open or share your ebook. This is the link you want to give to your readers.

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