IMPORTANT: Standard plan users have to select the paper size when they select the template. Pro plans and higher can change the paper size from the project editor settings as well.

1. Selecting The Correct Paper Size For Your Project

The paper size is selected after you import your content. You are then sent to the template section where you are going to have to pick up a template for your new project.

If you want to choose any other size than 'Letter' click there to open the paper size options menu and choose one.

Use the horizontal scrollbar to see all the available paper size options.

Notice also that you can choose between Portrait or Landscape page orientation.

2. Generating the Project

In this case we are going to keep the 'Letter' paper size, then click on the 'Close' button and finally click on the 'Use' button on the template we want to use.

Congratulations! You have created your project.

3 . Changing the Paper Size After the Project is Created

The PRO and higher plans users have the option to change the paper size from the project editor after the project is created.

To do that, go to the 'Settings' section on the left side bar and open the 'Page Size' section. Click on the page size option you want to change to.

That's all, your ebook pages will be resized to the new page size you selected.

IMPORTANT: Use this option carefully. It is better to select the correct paper size when you select the template and not change it.

If you must change the paper size from the project editor section make sure is done right after you have created the project. Don't change the paper size on finished projects without creating a safe copy of the project in the dashboard. You whole project may break.

Custom paper sizes are not supported.

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