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How to Assign Projects to Team Members - AGENCY LEVEL PLANS ONLY
How to Assign Projects to Team Members - AGENCY LEVEL PLANS ONLY

In this tutorial you will learn how to assign projects to team members.

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1. Understanding Admin and User (Team Member) Accounts

Each Admin account with an Agency level license, as in Agency Premium, Premium with Regular Agency, or Agency, has the option to create up to five team member accounts and assign different permissions to each team member.

The Admin account has the option to create sections in the dashboard. This is extremely useful as it provides a flexible way to share and organize tasks and projects for your team members.

Note: the user accounts do not have sections available.

For this tutorial we are showing how it works with two user accounts created:

Here you can see how the Admin dashboard is organized. Sections are shown first and then any projects that are unassigned appear below. Your team members will not have any sections, so their dashboard will only show project thumbnails.

Any project that is unassigned (appearing at the bottom) will be visible to all team members and does not require permissions. It is only the projects inside sections that you can give permission to different users.

Here you can see inside a user account.

2. Assigning Projects to a User

For this example, we are going to assign the project or projects inside the 'Sample' section to our first user. To do this we have to click on the three dots on the right of the section bar and click on 'Permissions'.

A pop-up will appear showing you the list of users.

3. Setting Permissions

We want to give permission to the first user on our list, but not the second user. In this case, click on the checkbox in the first row of the Access column and then save changes.

Here you can see how it looks inside the user account:

4. Revoking Permissions

The Admin can revoke permission for a project at anytime by unchecking the user checkbox.

The team member will then see a screen with a warning that the permissions for that project have been revoked, and the section will disappear from their dashboard.

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