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How to Embed a Flipbook to a WordPress Site
How to Embed a Flipbook to a WordPress Site

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to embed the flipbook code into a page or blog post on a WordPress site.

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Note: If you do not have a Wordpress site, you only have to copy and paste the embed code to a page on your website. Please read this tutorial: How to Create and Share or Embed a Flipbook

1. Adding the Embed Code To the Correct Block

The flipbook embed code can be added to a WordPress page or blog post, but it has to be added to the 'HTML' block. If you cannot see it click on 'Browse all'.

2. Paste the Designrr embed code to the HTML block

After you add and select the HTML block to the page or post, paste the embed code in the box. The job is done!

3. Flipbook Preview

After you add the embed code to the HTML block, you can preview your flipbook in the draft...

... or in the page/post.

If all looks ok, is time to publish the page or post. Congratulations! Your flipbook is published!

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