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How to Add Comments
How to Add Comments

This article shows you how to add comments and interact with your clients. (Please note: this is a Premium feature)

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With the Designrr agency solution, not only can you customize the backend interface with your logo, you can also add comments and have interaction with your clients.

For example, here's my ebook. On the right-hand side you will see I've got a comment panel where I can leave comments about any part my content.

I simply highlight the paragraph and add the comment.

The client has their own interface where they can see all of their projects.

What they're able to do is preview that same ebook, and review the comments that you've made, and add their comments to it as well.

So, it becomes an interactive, live document that you can both work on.

When comments are left by the client, and added to your comment, you can see them almost immediately.

The comment is relayed to the agency user as well. You can then share that document with more than one client user, simply by clicking the share icon at the top of the screen.

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