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How to Create an Audiobook From Your Content
How to Create an Audiobook From Your Content

This article shows you how to create an audio book (please note this is a Premium level feature)

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In this article, we're going to show you how to create an audio book from your content.

You can import from your blog or a Word document, as normal.

In this case, I'm going to take a previously saved draft and simply click on merge into my audiobook.

You can see the audiobook editor here with all the text on the right-hand panel, and on the left panel is where you customize the speaker for your audiobook. By default, it will choose Jenny, who's an American speaker. You can click on play, and it will play back and preview the audiobook for you.

Then you can customize by clicking on the 3 dots to open up this box.

This is where you can change speaker names for different languages.

Plus, you can select a paragraph and allocate that speaker to that specific paragraph. This gives you the ability then to add different speakers to different paragraphs, which creates a much more natural audiobook.

And again, just previewing that using the play icon, there at the top will enable you to hear what it actually sounds like.

Another advanced feature of the audiobook editor is that you can actually customize individual speakers. Where these options are available, they will appear in this drop list. For example, Jenny has a whole variety of intonations. You can select customer service, assistant, or newscast style intonation.

You can even customize that further by adjusting the voice speed and the voice pitch. Once you've made a selection and made those adjustments, you can then save that as a new custom voice.

Give the new voice its own name, "Jenny Faster" for example. Those changes are then applied, and you have a completely custom sound and custom voice for your audiobook.

Once you've done all the customizing, and adding any voices, you are then ready to publish. At the bottom, it shows you how many credits will be deducted from your account. A credit is approximately one character.

Now click on 'Publish Audiobook'.

Once that's done, and your audiobook is being converted, you'll be landed in the dashboard where you can see your audiobook. In the image above, you can see the first project is showing that it is currently being processed.

Hover on the thumbnail and choose the preview option to play back the audiobook using our built - in playback editor. So, you can hear what it sounds like. Once you're happy with it, then you can click on the 'Copy URL' button at the bottom.

That will open a new browser window, where you can listen or download the MP3 file. Save that to your computer, and it's ready for uploading to your website or wherever you want to deliver the audiobook. And that's how to create an audiobook using Designrr.

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