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Audio File URL Error
Audio File URL Error
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When embedding an audio file (MP3) into a project, the file needs to be hosted on Dropbox, a self-hosted server, or Amazon s3.

If you are trying to add an audio file URL from any other source, you will see the following error message. It means that the file cannot be validated.

The most likely cause is that it is not hosted on Dropbox, a self-hosted server or Amazon s3. Move the file to one of the hosted options, generate a share link, and add it to the audio embed element.

Can I add my audiobook URL to the audio embed element?

Yes, all Designrr audiobook URLs can be added to the audio embed element when creating Live eBooks. These files are hosted on our servers.

In the image below, the audio file of an audiobook created in Designrr has been embedded into the project and can be listened to in the Live eBook.

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