How To Create a Template - AGENCY USERS ONLY

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a template and open the template to load in the editor.

1. Selecting a Project to Convert to a Template

Once you have finished creating a PDF for your blog post you may want to save the styles, cover images, etc. as a template for branding purposes. In the dashboard of Designrr locate the project you want to create into a template. Hover your mouse over the cover and click on the three dots to open the menu. Click on 'Convert.

Once you have clicked on the 'Convert to Template' icon a pop up will appear asking you to name your template.

2. Naming the Template

Next, you want to name the template. Make the name memorable so that you can easily locate the correct template for future projects. If it is branding for a certain blog you may want to call it by the blogs name. For example, Kudani blog template.

3. Selecting the Template

To select the new template follow the same steps that you normally would when selecting a template. Click on the 'Create a New Project' button and then either enter a URL for a project or import content manually. Then click 'Next'. You will then automatically be taken to the templates gallery where you can choose a template. Your new template will be found inside the gallery. Navigate to the template with the name that you have given and click on the thumbnail. You will then be prompted to give the project a name. Once you've done that your template, plus the selected URL will load in the editor.

If you want to create a project without content (meaning that you do not want to add a URL or import content manually) then click on the 'Start From Template' button located in the 'Select Import Option' after you first click on 'Create a New Project'. This will automatically take you to the templates gallery again where you are able to select your new template and load it into the editor by clicking on the thumbnail.

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