How to Change the Cover Page

In this tutorial you will learn how to change the background image of your cover.

1. Select the media icon for the cover page

On the existing cover, click on the blue tab to open the toolbar and select the media icon

2. Add your own image

If you already have your own cover image, double click on it and it will replace the current cover image insert it into your document.  Note the required page size (depending on the template or page size your ebook will be)

or Search for a new image

There is a built in image search facility that will provide quality cover images from royalty free image databases from Unsplash and Pixabay.

Tip 1: To get the best results use a simple search word like 'Lake' 'Sky' 'Water'.
Tip 2: Choose an image that is simple in design so that your ebook heading will standout.  For example: if your heading is in a light color, then choose a darker background.

or Choose an pre-designed cover (PRO and Premium plans)

3. Selecting the image

Double clicking on the thumbnail will import the image as your cover.

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