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How to Clear Empty Spaces
How to Clear Empty Spaces
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How to Clear Empty Spaces

In this tutorial you will learn how to manage white space.

1. Finding White Space

Once you have created your project your content will automatically load into the editor. In most cases all of the white spaces will automatically be removed. However, there may be times when you find white space that needs to be cleaned up. For example, if you have imported a number of articles into one project you may find white space between the start and the end of the next article.

Note: If you manually remove an image or paragraph your content should tighten automatically - there is nothing that you need to do.

2. Moving Content into the White Space

To clear the white space you first need to activate the element that appears directly after it. Usually this will be a paragraph, but can also be an image in a paragraph tag. Click inside of the element to activate it. You will know that it is activated when you see the word 'Paragraph' in the upper left corner.

With the element activated you click, hold, and drag the paragraph into the white space. Once you let go it will automatically position itself and all of the rest of the content will follow and re-align itself removing the left over white space.

POWER TIP: Alternatively, once you activate the element, you can use the up/down arrow keys for a neat placement.

NOTE: You CANNOT add more content into the white than it can manage. For example, if the next element in line after the white space is a very large image that will not fit into the white space you will not be able to move this so make sure to take note of the amount of space that you have.

Here you can see that the majority of the white space has been removed. However, there is still some white space visible. This white space will not be removed as the next element in line has more rows than the white space can handle.

3. White Space After Deleting an Image

Usually when you remove an image or any element the content automatically re-aligns itself to clear all white space. To remove an image click just outside of the image to locate the paragraph element (you do not want to activate the 'Image' element - if you have done so then click just outside of the activated area). You will know that you have activated the correct element when you see the word 'Paragraph' in the upper left corner. Once activated click on the trash bin icon to the furthest right of the tool bar. As soon as it is deleted the rest of the content will move up filling the white space.

Here you can see that the image is gone and the content has re-aligned to fill in the white space. However, there is still a small amount of white space in the bottom of the page. As the next element in line is larger than the amount of white space no adjustment will be done.

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