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How to Remove White Space
How to Remove White Space

In this tutorial you will learn how to remove the white space, or repaginate, your project.

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In some situations, after we import the content and Designrr does its job paginating the project, we may still find some places where we want to fill in the empty space on a page.

For these cases, Designrr is provided with a tool that makes the job easy. In the example below we are going to fill in the empty space and move all our content with just one click.


1. Find the Repaginate Icon

To find the repaginate icon, click anywhere on a page or on any element. That will open the blue toolbar with several icons. Click on the 'Repaginate' icon

All the content is moved upwards and fills in the empty space on a page.

2. Locking a Page Content

There are some cases where the repagination function won't work. For example. Let's say we are creating an ebook and we want to start each chapter on a new page. In this case the heading element acts as anchor and won't let the containers below it to be moved to the empty space on the previous page, however all the content below it can be repaginated across all the pages below.

After we repaginate, notice how the Switch Up Your Content' heading element locks the page in place, but the content below fills in the empty space.โ€‹

3. Unlocking the Page Content

If you prefer to fill in the white space and find that a header element is locking the content, simply move the heading element to the previous page first.

To do tha, you can use the arrow icons in the toolbar...

... grab it with the mouse and drop it in the page, or...

...use the CTRL + UP/Down arrow key combination to move it up or down and then repaginate,

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