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How to Remove White Space
How to Remove White Space

In this tutorial you will learn how to remove the white space, or repaginate, your project.

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In some situations, after we import the content and Designrr does its job paginating the project, we may still find some places where we want to fill in the empty space on a page.

For these cases, Designrr is provided with a tool that makes the job easy. In the example below we are going to fill in the empty space and move all our content with just one click. 

1. Find the Repaginate Icon

To find the repaginate icon, click anywhere on a page. Make sure you see the small gray square in the upper right corner.  A toolbar with several icons will come up on top on the page. Click on the 'Repaginate' icon

All the content is moved upwards and fills in the empty space on a page.

2. Locking a Page Content

There are some cases where the repagination function won't work. For example. Let's say we are creating an ebook and we want to start each chapter on a new page. In this case the heading element acts as anchor and won't let the containers below it to be moved to the empty space on the previous page, however all the content below it can be repaginated across all the pages below.

After we repaginate, notice how the 'chapter 1' heading element locks the page in place, but the content below fills in the empty space.

3. Fixing Overlapping Containers 

In very seldom cases the imported content may have some overlapping elements. This situations can be easily fixed by saving the project and generating the PDF. 

In 99.9% of the cases, by generating the PDF, the containers in the project will repaginate and the situation is solved. 


In previous Designrr versions fixing overlapping containers was done using the repaginate icon. We leave the tutorial for reference and in case that can still be useful to solve some overlapping issues.

1. Finding Overlapping Elements

Once you have imported your URL you may at times see overlapping elements. This can be in the form of text or images. Do not panic! Below is an example of what you might see.

2. Fixing Overlapping Elements

To fix overlapping elements we will re-paginate the content. This is done by activating the element that appears just before the overlapping ones. Activate it. You do this by clicking on it. In the example below, we have a paragraph element so to activate this we click on it. You will know that it is activated when you see the word "Paragraph' in the upper left corner.

Next, click on the re-paginate icon. This is the little circle with the arrows. The process takes only a few seconds, but allow it to finish before moving on to further edits.

3. Re-Pagination Completed

The image below shows the completed re-pagination. As you can see the overlapping elements have disappeared. The content should look the same as on the source URL.

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