How to Add Multiple URL's

In this tutorial you will learn how to add multiple articles to one project.

1. Adding the New Article Element

Go to the last page of your current article. Then click on the 'Elements' icon in the sidebar. Here you will see the first option as 'Import Content'. Click on it and drag it to the empty space of the last page. This will open a pop up.

2. Adding the New Article

Designrr allows you to import multiple URLs, Word docx files, PDFs, drafts and manual imports. Depending on your plan you will have less options to import from than what is shown in the screenshot.

In this example, we are going to import a second article from our blog. Next, paste the URL of the new article that you want to add in the form field and click 'Fetch'. 

After the article is loaded, click ‘Import’.

The new article is automatically imported with the corresponding header and footer content.

To add multiple URL's or articles from other sources follow the same process again. Remember, to go to the end of the article where you want to insert the new article. You can even do this in between two articles. Select where you want it and drag the new article element there.

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