How to Import an Image

In this tutorial you will learn how to import your images to the media manager.

1. Import to the Media Manager

You can import your images directly to the media manager.

Start by clicking on the 'Media Manager' link found in the header of the dashboard. Then click on the 'Upload A New Photo'. Note that you can also create new folders and keep your images organized.

Drag and drop media files from your computer directly into the 'Media Manager' or click on 'Browse' to locate the folder with your photos in your computer

Tip: You can select multiple media files at once by holding down the control key (on PC) or the command key (on Mac) while clicking multiple files in the upload window.

2. Accepted File Types

You can upload the following file type of images to your Media Manager:


Tip: to keep your ebooks lightweight, upload images with a max width of 800 pixels and in 72 dpi resolution, which is the internet standard.

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