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How To Drag & Drop an Element
How To Drag & Drop an Element

In this tutorial you will learn how to move any on page element and how to add a new element to a page.

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1. Activating the Element

To drag and drop an element begin by activating the paragraph or element that you want to move. This is done by clicking once inside of the element. In the picture below, you can see the paragraph element has been activated. You will know that it is properly activated when you see the word 'Paragraph' in the upper left corner.

2. Moving the Element

Once activated, you can grab the element with your mouse and drag it to your desired location.

Alternatively, you can use the up/down icons to move the selected element.

3. How To Drag & Drop a New Element

You can add a new element to your project from the left sidebar. Simply drag it and drop it to a page.

For this example we are going to add a Heading element...

an image...

a paragraph and a list

Now we can enter some text to the new elements, notice how we have wrapped the text around the image.

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