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How To Restore Your Work Using Revisions
How To Restore Your Work Using Revisions

How to restore a project if everything goes wrong, or you've lost your internet connection.

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How To Work With Project Revisions

Designrr is an online application.  This means it can be vulnerable to the quality of your internet connection.  Thankfully we've built in technology to enable you to recover your previous work even if your internet went down.

Every time you save your project, we save a copy of the previous version on our server so you can go back up to 6 previous versions.  We also in parallel store a version on in your local browser storage in case your connection does down.

This is how you restore from these backups:

1. Examining Your Project Versions History

To view your project versions history click on the REVISIONS icon on the left sidebar.

In the section there are 2 columns.  Saved on the server / Browser Backups are done to our servers, and Automatic browser backups are done to your local browser.

Clicking on Preview will open a window where you can view the project and check its the version you want restored.

If its the version that you want, then click REVERT and it will load this backup into your the project.

IMPORTANT: When it loads the backup it will overwrite whatever is in your current project and replace it with the restored version.

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