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How to Wrap Text Around an Image
How to Wrap Text Around an Image

In this tutorial you will learn how to wrap text around an image and how to add padding around the image once it's re-positioned

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1. The Standard Image Location

Whether you import an image with your URL or add one manually the standard image location is between two paragraphs. However, there may be times when you would like to wrap text around an image.

2. Activate the Image Container

Click on the image container which houses the image. You will know that it is activated when you see the blue square in the upper left corner.

3. Float the Image to the Left or Right

On the left column, open the 'Positioning' section and set the 'Wordwrap' button to ON.

4. To move the image to the right or the left, click the left and right justify icons

5. Adjust the margin around the Image

Now that the image has the wrapping text you may want to add some space in between the text and the image. 

Use the Padding option in the sidebar to adjust the spacing. Go to the left sidebar and click on the “Spacing” drop down, then select the 'Padding' function. Then select where you want to have your padding added (top, bottom, left, right side or around the whole container) and add the space in pixels.

TIP: You may find sometimes, that after wrapping the text around the image, if you try to select the image element again to change a setting, it may not be possible to do it as the paragraph container is larger than the image.

In these cases, right click on the paragraph element and select 'Bump Backward'.

Hover the mouse cursor over the image element and it will be ready to be selected and edited!

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