In this tutorial you will learn how to insert an image into a page in your project.

1. Adding the Image Element

First you will need to add the image element. To do this click on the 'Images' tab in the sidebar.

Now click and drag the 'Image' to the place where you want the image added.

2. Finding an Image

Inside the 'Images' tab in the sidebar you will see a number of options for finding images. For example, you can upload your own photos and images. In this tutorial we will look at the 'Search' option. Start by clicking on the 'Suggested Images' tab and entering a keyword.

You will be presented with a number of options to choose from. When you find the image you like, drag the image and it will automatically be added to your page.

4. Resizing the Image

If you need to resize the image again make sure that the image element is activated. You do this by clicking the image and ensuring that the word 'Image' appears in the upper left hand corner. Once activated you will see the border around the image with the small circles. You can grab these circles to resize the image. To maintain aspect ratio use only the corner points and hold down the shift key.

NOTE: If you do not maintain aspect ratio you will be stretching the images.

5. Aligning the Image

To align the image click on the 'Image' . Use the options in the left sidebar to align the image to the left or right.

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