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'Start from Scratch' - How to Manually Import an Article
'Start from Scratch' - How to Manually Import an Article

How to use the 'Start from Scratch' import option.

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How to Manually Import an Article

In this tutorial you will learn how to add content manually to your project, As well as adding multiple articles and HTML.

1. Manually Importing an Article

At times your URL may not be automatically imported or you may want to add just a part of an article instead of the whole thing. For these purposes you are able to import your article manually. Begin by clicking on the 'Create a New Project' button. This will open the main pop up where you normally add your URL. However, this time click on the 'Start from Scratch' icon.

2. Understanding the Import Manually Pop Up

Once you've clicked on the 'Start from Scratch' icon it will open a new pop up. Here you can add the title of your article and the editor where you will be adding your content. Leave this window open and move to a different tab in your browser.

3. Selecting Text to Import

Open the article you want to import in your browser, copy and paste the article title. Then select all of the text and images that you want to import. It is very important that you select the body of the text and not all of the content on the entire page. Once selected either use your right click menu to copy or Control 'C'. This will save the content to your clipboard. Then go back to the pop up and paste (either right click menu paste or Control 'V') your content in the editor.

3. Selecting Text to Import

4. Adding Content to the Pop Up

Once you've added your title and content into the editor click the 'Continue' button in the bottom right hand corner and select your template as you would normally when adding a project.

5. Manual Import Completed

As seen in the image below, the article has been imported manually.

Extra Tip: Adding Multiple Articles Manually

You are able to add multiple articles manually. Follow the instructions as outlined in the 'How to Combine Multiple Articles From Multiple Sources' tutorial. But this time, when the pop up appears click on the 'Copy % Paste' icon. This will open the same 'Import Manually' pop up.

Extra Tip for Advanced Users: Adding HTML Directly

For those that prefer to work with HTML you can add it directly to your article. Follow the 'Start from Scratch' instructions. Once you get to the 'Import Manually' pop up click on the 'Source' icon. Click on it to open the source code pop up.

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