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How to Add Your Logo to the Cover
How to Add Your Logo to the Cover
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How to Add Your Logo to the Cover

In this article you will learn how to add a logo to your cover page. The tutorial also walks you through how to resize and re-position the logo.

1. Adding the Image Element to the Cover Page

Once you have finished adding a new cover image and making any edits or changes to the style of the title area you may want to include your logo as well.

To add your logo to the cover begin by adding an image element. This is done by clicking on the 'Plus Sign' in the sidebar and then opening the Media drop down. Here you will see the image element - drag and drop it to the cover page. You may also want to read the full tutorial on adding images to your project.

2. Activating the Image Element

When you add the image element, the Media Manager automatically opens.

You have a number of options to choose from within the media manager. Here you can upload your own images, search by keyword, or URL. Plus PRO and AGENCY members can access the pre-done cover images. As we are adding our own company logo you would want to click on the 'Upload Images' button and navigate to the image on your hard drive. (NOTE: If you have your logo on a URL you can use that as well)

TIP: For better results use a high resolution image.

Your logo has now been added to the image element. Next, you will want to move it to your desired position. You do this by selecting the 'Image' element. You will know that you have activated the correct element when the word 'Image' appears in the upper left corner. Once activated you can use the access points to move it around (the small circles that appear at different points on the edges of the element). You can move them up, down, left or right to move the image. However, do not use the corner points as this adjusts the size of the image. You will want to make this adjustment at the end. For now just move it to the correct placement.

Here you can see that I have moved the logo to the bottom of the cover page.

Once you have moved the image to the ideal placement, you may want to resize the image. First, start by activating the element. Remember, this is done by click on the image. You will know that you have activated the correct element when you see the word 'Image' in the upper left corner. Now use the corner access points to re-size the image. To maintain aspect ratio hold down the shift key while adjusting the image size.

TIP: It is not recommended that you increase the size of the image. Instead you should start with a larger high resolution image and then down size it.

Here you can see the final result. The logo image has been moved and resized.

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